Ocharaka at Food Culture AEON Mall BSD City

Ocharaka at Food Culture AEON Mall BSD City: From Taiyaki To Kakigori

Still remember clearly that 2 years ago was hard to find Taiyaki here in Indonesia, but lately it's getting easier. Taiyaki Parfait is one under the spotlight, such as Tai-Parfait at Gandaria City and Pungopang at PIK. Here, it's the place for regular taiyaki. Warm fish-shape cake filled with blueberry and cream cheese, yes it's not only sweetened adzuki bean, matcha also available. Soft pancake-like texture with crisp edges. 

Korean has Bingsoo, Japanese has Kakigori. Shaved ice dessert that is perfect for summer, well here it feels like summer everyday so you can have Kakigori whenever you want. Matcha Red Bean Kakigori was my first choice, surprisingly the matcha was quite nice though it was way too sweet for me. 

One more, it's Ricotta Berry Kakigori - luscious cheesy ricotta combined with sweet and sour berry sauce, delightful! But again for me it was too sweet, it costed IDR 45.000 quite pricey for just a shaved ice, portion was decreasing on my second visit though it's moderately good.

Got all that sweets after scrumptious Takoyaki from Yamatoya that is located across the Ocharaka outlet, fyi they also have Croquettes that sounds pretty interesting as there are not many places sell Japanese Croquettes here. So next time when in AEON, I will grab one or two. Until then, gonna update this post soon.

Ocharaka at Food Culture
G floor AEON Mall BSD City
Jalan BSD Raya Utama
Tangerang - Indonesia

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