Warung Ce Citra 6 Jakarta: Se'i From Kupang

Warung Ce Citra 6 Jakarta: My First Se'i - Experience Well-Known Kupang's Smoked Pork

The famous Se'i, smokey roasted pork from Kupang. Though Indonesia is dominated by Muslims that do not consume pork, but in most of east part of the country, pork is quite easy to find. Unfortunately, I've never been to Kupang but thanks to Warung Ce so I can experience my very first Se'i Daging (IDR 35.000) smoky pork, nice and tender, accompanied by tumis bunga pepaya and sambal. Unlike any other pork dishes, it's very rich in flavor because of the smoking process. The other choice is Babi Panggang / roasted pork (IDR 27.000) or Fried Pork (IDR 35.000) which was everyone's favorite. Crispy fried pork, surprisingly it was not so oily though it's fat anyway.

Sop Kacang Merah (IDR 30.000) - red bean soup consists of beef, red bean, and carrot. Hearty comforting soup, the portion was generous too. Mild in flavor soup, best to go side by side the fatty fried pork. However it was quite far from my expectation that hoping for thick and rich broth.

Among all the dishes, Se'i Daging is in first place to me though people in common prefer the fried pork better than Se'i. Smoky lean cut meat, not greasy, and it also has a delicate aroma. I'd say, give a try for Warung Ce, and let me know your preference.

Warung Ce
Ruko Sixth Avenue J5A-7, Citra Garden City 6
Cengkareng - Jakarta Barat

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