Indonesia based food and travel blogger. A food traveler, passionate in making food. Dreaming to discover the food around the world. A person with big fondness to gelato and ice cream. Started from making food video on Instagram. Most of photos and videos are from my food trip and everyday meal. And now, I'm also on Youtube.

Becoming a social media influencer is truly a fun experience, I've done many collaboration with brands such as Frisian Flag, Kraft, McDonalds, KitchenAid, Samsung, Walls, KitKat, Soyjoy, Quiznos, LINE, Pond's, Lazada, Tokopedia, Grab, and more. I enjoy making video, and the process of learning to be better.

Food is one of the reason why I love traveling. Street food is one of my contentment, it shows how the locals eat. Visiting market is became my favorite activity since years ago. I always curious to try new things. I adore old buildings and nature. My best travel experience so far is my last year solo trip to Europe for a month, visited more than 15 cities in 6 countries

About The Author

DATE OF BIRTH: 3rd October
EDUCATION: financial management cum laude scholar, I'm not a geek tho
OCCUPATION: food traveler, video content creator, blogger, a self taught cook, lyricist, Youtuber

I LIKE: truffle, cheese, pesto, pistachio gelato, falafel, salad, spicy food

FAVORITES: Ripped jeans, penny board, white tshirt, cats, leather backpack, denim jacket, men perfumes, skin cares, gelato, Europe, sleeping in car, old bed sheet, cold weather, chewing ice, what's yours?

TRAVELED: Belgium, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand
LIVED: Indonesia
WANTS TO GO: Sweden, Japan

The Journey

I started this without any expectation, but years passed by and to achieve the moments that probably would never happened if only I'm not doing this social media thing. With 1000 daily views, 50k followers on Instagram, and 5000 subscribers on Youtube, for every events I got invited and all the opportunities that came, this is amazing. Never thought that one will ever read my writings, but for every of you that paid attention for my every activities in this digital media, it made up my confident. Keep on learning and be a better me, you know that I've been trying to be personal.

By the end of last year was the most exciting moment, I went to Singapore for Influence Asia Awards 2015 as a nominee for Food category representing Indonesia, together with some big names which are also good friends of mine. I thought I was nothing but looking back of what I've done for the past few years, this is the start.

Influence Asia 2015

Food Writing

"We may have visited the same place, having the same meal, but our stories could be different. It can be because of the situation or the things we talked about, but I think it's most likely because we see things in different way which is pretty normal"

More than a person that only loves to eat, though I don't have formal culinary background but I've been cooking since I was a little and never stop learning. To describe my cooking is tend to be simple everyday recipes, it can be more adventurous sometimes as I travel and I often do recipes for local dishes of my destinations.

Most of my writings are in English, it's not my first language. Personal reason because I'm still learning anyway, you could fathom the state. Little mistakes should be just fine?

I may not have the best good looking pictures, totally zero in photography when I started this, but here I'm trying to give my readers a clear description of what I had earlier, what I've seen, things just like how it was supposed to be through my decent camera. Presenting quick snap, honest voice, experience of a self taught cook, with sufficient knowledge of a food traveler.

Me vs Ice Cream

I'm an ice cream person, ice cream lover? Well you name it. From soft serve, gelato, to froyo. Pistachio, nocciola, uji matcha, even nori ice cream! Once when I was in Italy, I ate nothing but gelato for the whole day, approximately 10 scoops, whopsss :D

Camera: Shooting with Panasonic Lumix

For inquiries, please reach me by e-mail heytheresia@gmail.com

Nami Island, South Korea

Find me on:

Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram @heytheresia for daily food and travel updates @tereveler


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