Nasi Campur & Kare Asan 333 Serpong

Nasi Campur & Kare Asan 333 Gading Serpong: Go Curry!

Serpong is a suburb that filled with tons of places to eat though Chinese food is dominated but surely there are lots to choose. Nasi Campur is one of the most wanted item when it comes to pork dishes, well actually I don't really eat pork but nasi campur or something similar, roasted pork? Nasi Campur & Kare Asan 333, best finding in Gading Serpong for Pontianak style nasi campur. While in Jakarta, Nasi Campur Yung Yung 99 is still winning (for me) because of their garlicky crispy roasted pork.

It's surely a good thing having plenty of choices, in Gading Serpong itself there are few nasi campur places such as Atek and KacaMata but what is special here? Nasi Kare (Nasi Kari) is a curry rice consists of few pieces of chicken that cooked in yellowish coconut milk based sauce and the other with sweet soy sauce. Not a fan of this kind of curry though I'm fallen for their acar kuning. To be compared with some other nasi campur places near by, Asan 333 is less eye-catchy though it's always crowded especially on weekend. Whenever your're around Serpong this could be one to try, probably a dine in or simply ask for take out (like me).

Nasi Campur & Kare Asan 333
Jalan Boulevard Gading Serpong Blok Aa 3 no 53 (close to Atek)
Serpong - Tangerang

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