Warung Makan Bu Ning Rasa Sayange - Jogja

Warung Makan Bu Ning Rasa Sayange Khas Indonesia Timur: A Modest Place For Maluku Food - Best Ikan Bakar You Can Find in Jogja

Why East Indonesian Food while in Yogyakarta? Not all the sudden, I've heard about this place from my locals friend. Warung Makan Rasa Sayange, owned by a Javanese (yes, not from Maluku). There are two seating areas, one is inside the warung, while the other one is across the street. In front of the warung you will be faced with wide selection of seafood, mostly fish.

Sambal colo-colo is a must condiment, consists of sliced tomatoes, chilies, onion, and citrus juice. Fresh and fragrant, closely like Manadonese dabu-dabu

It might be not the most authentic place to have papeda but there's always a reason to try unusual thing. Roll out the sticky papeda using two sticks then throw it into kuah kuning.

Rice is an essential for Asians and so us Indonesian but here you surely want to try something else, instead of papeda, go for steamed banana. They use pisang kepok one of variety of banana here in Indonesia that closely taste like plantain (pisang tanduk). 

Snapper (ikan kakap), mackerel (ikan kembung), pompano (ikan kuwe), or even barracuda are sort of fishes you can find here. The enticing part is the minimal seasoning, salt and squeezed citrus are just enough to bring out the flavor. 

Pricing is very affordable here, fast service though the place is usually crowded. Came here around 11 am, please note that it's open just until the food sold out (usually after lunch time). Definitely one to put on your list, the city is filled by gudeg but now I know there's another place to visit. Fresh seafood guarantee!

Warung Makan Rasa Sayange
Jalan Jetis Pasiraman No 11
Yogyakarta - Indonesia

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