Pisa Kafe Menteng: Good Food and Memories Remain

Pisa Kafe Menteng: Good Food and Memories Remain

A more than 20 years old Pisa Kafe Menteng, standing tall beside some names and the recently open restaurants in Jakarta. It's probably where you had your first date, or place where you go often for Sunday brunch with family. From a classic Margherita pizza to homemade gelato, this place offers more than good food, but seats for family to gather, good friends to reunite, lovers to recall memories. Let the food begin to create moments. A salad is just perfect to start a meal but Salmone Affumicato Pizza was just great, thin pizza dough with slightly crisp edge, sliced salmon combined with tomatoes and black olives creating such a unique combination. 

Forno Ostriche Arrosto (IDR 79.000) - oven roasted oyster with spinach dipping, Alfredo sauce, cheddar and mozzarella cheese, parmesan and served with tartar and sliced of lemon

Volcano (IDR 119.000) - not really like a pizza, also not calzone, it's Volcano filled with smoked beef and mushroom. Resembling a pizza covered with crispy crust on top, melted cheese inside, not as much as calzone but just enough to enrich the flavor. 

Spaghetti Gamberi - honestly pasta sounds so boring to me, but there's a time when I craved for pasta so bad and it was after this dish. Oily - garlicky - spicy al dente spaghetti, very tasty even better with sliced kalamata olives

Ravioli Aglio Spinachi Con Crema Di Gorgonzola (IDR 79.000) pasta from scratch is always have a distinctive grade to me, as in general it's most likely better than one that coming from the package. Spinach ravioli in creamy sauce with gorgonzola cheese, so addicting! 

Two scoop of gelato (IDR 49.000) - to end up the meal, gelato, you deserve a scoop or two. Though it's not as how gelato supposed to be but old-style ice cream just like one from Ragusa, it was just enough to make me smile because it's ice cream anyway.

More than a place to enjoy pizza or pasta, it's where to sit with the love ones. A high respect for a place like this that can survive for many years, creating memories for some of us, the moment to cherish.

Pisa Kafe
Jalan Gereja Theresia no.1
Jakarta Pusat

Website: www.kafepisa.com
Phone: 62 (021) 3928568, 3100151/149 

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