The Brunch Club at Potato Head Pacific Place Jakarta

What's the best thing to do in weekend? We, Asian do love having noodles in Sunday morning but there's a time for a luscious Egg Benedict don't you think so? Last weekend, I spent my Sunday noon at Potato Head Jakarta to try their special brunch menu that is available only on Saturday - Sunday and public holiday 11 am to 3 pm. OK if you're reading my writing on social media or here for quite a while, you may notice that ya most of the time I eat fruits for breakfast. Trying to keep fit because most of the time I went voracious when eating my lunch. But brunch should be just enough to fulfill hunger and pamper taste buds.

Started with Ricotta Salad (IDR 130.000), homemade ricotta flavoured with basil served with semi-dried tomato confit, local organic romaine lettuce and cheese croutons. Looks pretty appealing yet super tasty, mild cheesy taste just perfect with sweet semi-dried tomato. Potato 'En Cocotte' (IDR 100.000) baked egg and mashed potato, served with cheese baked crouton and spicy oriental herb sauce. Soft and creamy mashed potato combined with soft baked egg, a very nice combination though I'd rather have one with Provencal ratatouille instead of the oriental herb sauce. 

Ever heard about secret menu? Some fast food chains in America are known for the secret menu, one that I really want to try is the Animal Style Fries from In-N-Out Burger oh wish they will open a branch here. Potato Head has kind of the same thing, a dish that is not on the menu but surely you can order it, simply ask for the Wake Up Sandwich. Guacamole-like avocado spread over a piece of toasted sourdough bread accompanied with sweet potato fries, carbs overload! It's a dish that totally suit my palate. Chewy bread, tangy - a bit sour avocado spread with onion bites, fresh enough to wake you up and kick off the day.

Knowing that here they really take it seriously, from the kitchen on to the table. It's nice to know that organic stuffs are involved. Verdict? Good food, there are some healthy dishes to choose (I am happy), also vegetarian friendly. Ricotta Salad is definitely winning me and the Wake Up Sandwich is a reason for me to go back. 

The Brunch Club
Brunch is available only on Saturday - Sunday and on Public Holiday 11 am to 3 pm

Potato Head Bar & Resto
Pacific Place Mall - G Floor
Jalan Jendral Sudirman Kav 52-53
Jakarta - Indonesia

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