Yamatoya Takoyaki at Food Culture AEON Mall BSD City

Yamatoya at Food Culture AEON Mall BSD City: Super Takoyaki!!

A very popular Japanese snack, takoyaki the octopus balls. To be compared with some others that I had in Jakarta and around, here at Yamatoya was my best takoyaki experience so far. It is inside of Food Culture AEON Mall not too far from Kushiya Monogatari, yes currently the hippest shopping mall in Serpong. Dominated with Japanese food tenants and the AEON supermarket also offers wide selection of sushi and some Japanese snacks. But, please do a queue at Yamatoya first then tell me.

What makes it special here, the size of delicious octopus chunks, crispy on the outside, hot steamy and soft inside. It was quite addicting, a box filled with 6 balls for only IDR 29.000, pretty affordable. Hard to forget and every bite was absolutely worth, creamy batter was none like any other places. Let me repeat, creamy on the inside. The thing is the creamy texture that creates a unique sensation, melt in mouth!

Here there are only few on the menu, focusing on takoyaki with few sauce variations such ketchup and spicy mayo. With only two basic menu, takoyaki and snow ice. Ordered matcha snow ice turned out just ok, because they used matcha that one I avoid the most though the shaved ice was very soft, combined with sweet red bean paste and glutinous rice balls. Well, hope they will improve the matcha flavor like the "real" matcha, meanwhile next time I know I will sit and relish mango snow ice.

Updated: I've visited this place 5 times, mango snow ice was much better than matcha. Takoyaki  was also as good as my first attempt

Food Culture - G Floor
AEON Mall BSD City
Jalan BSD Raya Utama
Tangerang - Indonesia

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