Rumah Makan Pepes Jambal Walahar Bp. H. Dirja

Rumah Makan Pepes Jambal Walahar Bp. H. Dirja: I've fallen for pepes ayam

Long way from Jakarta to Karawang payed fairly with these scrumptious dishes from RM Pepes Jambal Walahar Bp. H. Dirja. It's been a while since grilled fish that I had at Warung Makan Rasa Sayange. Not a fan of fresh water fish but seriously the rest of the dish were really good, like how? OK, let's start with pepes, typical food from West Java that can be fish, chicken, mushroom, or even bean curd (tofu). The cooking method may vary, some are steamed and some other come through two cooking process, steamed and grilles. The particular trait, it's always wrapped in a banana leaves.

Though it's famous for pepes jambal but I'd say pepes ayam (chicken pepes) was the best. The chicken was extremely tender with all the spices infused, yellowish color from the tumeric, smoky, yet aromatic as it has lemon grass in it. Contentment part when eating some parts of the bones as I said it's super tender, finger licking good moment!

Side dishes were served individually on a small plate. Small fried fish and fried shrimp were quite addicting, well especially the shrimp, slightly crispy and savory. The substantial thing in Sundanese food, lalapan and sambal! Lalapan, assorted veggies such as lettuce, cucumber, round eggplant, and bunch of steamed leafy greens (morning glory, papaya & cassava leaves)

Pepes and some other side dishes are served, you may want to order the another main menu such as ayam bakar kampung (grilled chicken) and ikan bakar (grilled fish) though it's optional.

Hot steamy kitchen that getting busy during lunch time. Had a chance to look into the cooking area, couldn't help myself to not ordering for take out. Because it's far away in Karawang, I may not visit this place often but surely next in the future or maybe if there's any plan to go to Bandung ya stop by to Karawang for sec will be great.

Directions: It's located across the dam, you need get in through the bridge. Please note that there's a small gate (portal) in front of the bridge, just in case if you're riding big cars because it won't fit. The alternative is to park the car near by and pass through the bridge, it is located just at end of the bridge.

RM Walahar (across the dam / bendungan)
Ds Walahar Kecamatan Klari
Karawang Timur

Opening Hour: from 9 am

Phone: 62 (0267) 435032

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