Taste Better AEON BSD: One-Bite Durian Puff

Taste Better AEON Mall BSD City: One-Bite Durian Puff Experience!

It's not even a big chain, not really a dessert place, no seating area, but a small stall selling durian puff. Taste Better take place at AEON Mall BSD City precisely in front of AEON Supermarket. I did manage to grab a box of durian puff after my second visit to Kushiya Monogatari. Originated from Malaysia, a good news for durian lovers. Love and hate relationship between us and durian, when a person loves it, must be intensely delightful but if he/she hates it, they will execrate even just the smell. If you hate it, I don't think that you will read my writing anyway. Ya, that much! 

What makes it deserve a blog post? Well, honestly because I really want to know what do you think. Not a big fan of choux as it's eggy and just not on my list, an exception for durian puff! So how was it? Crispy puff with runny durian paste, the filling was not too sweet, light and melt in mouth. Though the size was big enough to fit in my mouth, can't resist to grab another one. Chilled puff that pop-out in mouth, gratifying!

1 box durian puff - 6 pcs (IDR 60.000)
Words are not enough to describe how good it was. A small bite size puff that I know will make me smile whenever I eat it. Not writing a suggestion but I'm begging you to try and you'll thank me (I've never been this confident). Taste better than any other puff!

durian soft ice cream (IDR 25.000)

Taste Better
AEON Mall BSD City
Jalan BSD Raya Utama
Tangerang - Indonesia

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  1. Doesnt durian smell awful? I heard that it was banned from high class restaurants in Indonesia because of its strong smell. Plus does your blog features dessert recipes as well. Especially the ones mentioned here? https://www.behance.net/gallery/27025101/Mouth-Watering-Indonesian-Desserts-for-your-Sweet-Tooth