Kushiya Monogatari AEON Mall BSD City

Kushiya Monogatari AEON Mall BSD City: Experience Authentic Japanese DIY (Do It Yourself) Buffet

Saturday, 30 May 2015 was the opening for the first AEON Mall in Indonesia. Located in suburb area, specifically in Serpong. Few days ago, I got a chance to taste one of tenants, a Japanese DIY (do-it-yourself) buffet. Kushiya Monogatari offers a unique combination of kushiage (traditional Japanese meals) and modern buffet style. Wide selections menu including appetizers, salads, skewers, main courses (go for their curry rice), dessert, and beverages are ready to fulfill your hunger but way from that it's the new experience. 

Skewers - Every table is provided with oil pot to fry the skewers. Beef, fresh seafood, fishcakes to veggies can be dipped into the batter then into the bread crumbs (they give us panko). It takes couple minutes for prawns and less for veggies, if you have no idea do not confuse because there's a guide card for each items though it always goes back to your preference. 

Meat and fishcakes (and takoyaki) are quite nice when it comes to deep fry but seriously you need to try the veggies. The surprisingly addictive was the green chili, not extremely spicy but pretty good to be dipped in their sesame sauce.

One of  the most important component of good food is the sauce, here they have special sauces that will entice you to dig more and more

Desserts and Beverages - from cakes to pastries, matcha ice cream is available too. But one you don't want to miss is their taiyaki. Re-frying the taiyaki for couple minutes, and there you have it a delicate hot dessert. To quench your thirst, juices and soft drinks surely refreshing but tea or iced water was just enough for me.

Must say this is my new favorite, a nice place to spend lunch or dinner with family and friends. The wide selections of skewers, fun do-it-yourself food, I believe both kids and adults will revel it. So are you ready to experience this new Japanese food?

Weekdays: IDR 128.000++
Weekends: IDR 148.000++
Children under 10 years old IDR 98.000

Kushiya Monogatari
AEON Mall BSD City
Jalan BSD Raya Utama
BSD City - Tangerang


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