Ngopi di Jogja - Finding Coffee Shop in Yogyakarta

Ngopi di Jogja - Finding Coffee Shop in Yogyakarta: 7 places that I want to share with you, from the newest to the 24 hours.

Yogyakarta, visiting this city quiet often lately, find this place very interesting and cheap (I mean the food) pretty similar to Malang but it's closer from where I live, most of all it's just always feels great to be back!

1. Nox Coffee Boutique

As a new comer, I find it very interesting. I'm not talking about the coffee but the place and the team, I mean their baristas. Honestly, I thought it was really funny how they really take care of the appearance to look a bit eccentric with the colored hairs and funky hairstyles, in the end I realized that it will catch the attention and become an attribute for this coffee shop. The pricing here is not cheap (for a coffee shop in Jogja), but reasonable. Payed IDR 30k for a cup of latte, which is standard, just like one in Jakarta.

Taking place in the same building with a beauty clinic, makes it a good choice for the gentlemen while waiting the ladies. Clean, bright, and comfy, it's a nice place to sit and talk.

Nox Coffee Boutique (inside Natasha Skin Care)
Jalan Kaliurang KM5 No 53

2. Epic Coffee Yogyakarta

The hippest coffee shop in the city? I'd say it's the most famous among local tourists. Saw the pictures of this place many times, scattered around Instagram yes a very Instagenic place, just like Lokal Resto (also in Jogja). There are a lot of things to do here instead of only enjoying coffee, the food was decent. Both indoor and outdoor seating are fantastic, I believe some people will spend for hours here. Pricing here is most likely high, close to Jakarta standard, quiet pricey for a coffee shop in Jogja.

Epic Coffee
Jalan Palagan Tentara Pelajar KM 7.5 no. 29


3. No27 Coffee

Located just beside Esco Restaurant, this coffee place is not big but I find it somehow very cozy. They have various cakes and pastries to choose, but it you're feeling good for heavy meal, you can also order food from Esco. I got iced mochaccino and a banana bread, way too sweet for me but loving the mochaccino, they also serve single origin coffee with various brewing methods. Moderate pricing policy, WiFi is available, and the parking lot is quiet spacious.

No27Coffee (beside Esco Resto)
Jalan Pringgodani

4. Peacock Coffee

There's a time when you looking for a place to sit for hours, probably until late, this place is just right! They opened the door for 24 hours, it's a self-service coffee shop. So, order - pay - pick up your coffee - and clean up (you don't have to if you objected, saw some people did not sweep out their table). On my visit, there was only one worker, he's the cashier, servant, and yaa the barista! The coffee serve in a mug instead of a cup, not as pretty as one from the other coffee shop but you got more volume, fair enough.

Peacock Coffee (24 hours)
Jalan Palagan Tentara Pelajar (before Hyatt Regency)

5. BlackBone Coffee

Please note that it's not in the main street of Kaliurang but few steps away, but still very reachable. Mid-range pricing, most of the crowds are students, WiFi is available too. I personally prefer the outdoor seating even it's not big, not too noisy as it's actually close to residence area. Good one to hang out with friends while enjoying your daily dose of caffeine, but me, I'd prefer a hot chocolate at least for that afternoon.

Blackbone Coffee
Jalan Kaliurang KM 5.2

6. Studio Kopi

One of the cheapest coffee place in Jogja, but they have good coffee here! Though they did not roast their own beans but they pick their own beans directly from the farmers. Various cakes and pies are also very affordable around IDR 6000 each, yes you heard me right! They may not have the prettiest latte art or fancy coffee cup, but their coffee is good to be compared with some other (the more expensive) coffee places and WiFi is available too. Morning coffee starts at 8 to 12 am with half pricing policy, around IDR 5000 per cup while afternoon coffee starts from the mid day, pricing starts from IDR 10.000. Note that they have a good Thai Iced Tea too!

Studio Kopi (opposite Ciz' Keik)
Komplek Ruko Babarsari no 5

7. Awor Gallery & Coffee

Last but not least, some people said "save the best for the last" well sometimes I do! In this case, probably not the best but my favorite. Awor Coffee, it's in the same building as Lensa Jogja the place that provide photography stuffs for rent such as DSLR camera and lens. The place is not big but quiet cushioned, electricity plugs are available. Been there twice, absolutely will be back again once in Yogyakarta. Affogato is always lovely but latte and mochaccino here are musts! It's a coffee place with one of the best latte art in the city, if you're an Instagramer that loves to #fotokopi means taking pictures of coffee, this is one worth to visit for coffee lover and instagrapher, basically anyone.

Awor Coffee (same building with Lensa Jogja)
YAP Square B 11

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