Soto Kuning & Bening Pak Dayat: Kuliner Bogor

Soto Kuning & Bening Pak Dayat: Kuliner Bogor

For not a really Bogor citizen, means one that lives far away from the city, visiting Bogor is surely something that rarely happen to me as I spend most of the time in Jakarta and Serpong area. When in Bogor, soto is a must have dish. Our well-known soto kuning is surely pretty comforting and renowned among tourists but another one for you, soto beningSoto kuning has yellow coconut milk soup while soto bening has clear broth soup. Where in Bogor? For me, Soto Bening & Kuning Pak Dayat, yes they also serve soto kuning. His stall located just across the street not too far from Gang Aut. Occupying the sidewalk, there are only two tables with four seating each.

this place is famous among locals, it's not as crowded as some other touristy soto places

Choices of filling are vary, from meat to intestines. Though I don't really eat intestines, sometimes I like to add paru into my soto and perkedel (savoury potato cakes). Rice comes separated on a plate, pouring few spoons of the soup to be eaten with the rice is just the right way enjoy this dish. Pricing is good here, unlike some other soto place in Bogor that most likely tourist traps. So will you give first attempt? We may bump each other without knowing and come out with happy face.

Soto Kuning & Bening Pak Dayat
Jalan Surya Kencana (sederet Soto Mie Agih / depan Gang Aut)

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