Gastromaquia Jakarta

Gastromaquia Senopati Jakarta: From Spain to Indonesia

The story begins from the owner of this place that went to a small restaurant in Spain. He went to that restaurant many times, his must visit whenever in Spain. One day, he finally met the chef (also one that own the restaurant). After few rendezvous, they concurred to be in a partnership for the opening of Gastromaquia in Jakarta. Most of the menus are the same with Gastromaquia in Spain, but there are some different items to complete and conform the local taste.

Hot Potato with Egg (IDR 40.000) - potato cube, garlic aioli, spicy sauce, sunny side up. Have you ever heard about Papatas bravas? This dish is pretty much the same but with an extra sunny side up. I've always been a fan of potatoes so for me it goes well as a side dish though Patatas bravas is often served as tapas.

Garlic Butter Prawn (IDR 95.000) - fresh prawn, garlic, herbal oil, butter. Juicy garlicky prawn, served with sliced of bread. Rip the bread and dip it into the leftover sauce.

Stuffed Chicken with Bacon and Date (IDR 95.000) deboned chicken thigh, bacon (beef/pork), date, herbal oil. The chicken was tender and juicy, tasty bacon combined with sweet date. It may looks not so attractive and somehow like under cook, actually it's not that bad but you may want to asked for tabasco or chili sauce because it has a very mild seasoning. 

Gastromaquia Spare Ribs with Fragrant Rice (IDR 129.000) - spare ribs, citrus, jasmine rice, secret sauce. The meat was tender, dry on the outside but quiet moist inside. Sweet, savory, and tangy sauce, definitely a finger licking good one. 

Seared Pork Shank with Spanish Cheese (IDR 135.000) cured pork shank, tetilla cheese, Spanish smoked paprika. Fatty deliciousness piece, can't resist for not taking the second bite. Added splash of tabasco to balance the flavor as it was super greasy. 

Galician Octopus with Potato Foam (IDR 75.000) - sliced octopus served with potato foam and smoked paprika. Perfectly cooked octopus over silky smooth potato foam that tastes like cheese. Seriously I can finish this dish alone, it was so good! 

Key Lime Pie with Marshmallow (IDR 50.000) - soft citrusy custard topped with toasted marshmallow. 

The place is quiet, clean, and pretty that is great for small events. It also gives us more option when it comes to places to eat around Senopati. The Galician Octopus is one of the reasons for me to come back. 

Prices are subject to 10% government tax and 8% service charge

Jalan Ciniru 1 No. 1 Senopati
Jakarta Selatan

Opening Hours:
Sun - Thu 11.30 to 22.00
Fri - Sat 11.30 to 00.00

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