Nox Coffee Boutique - Jakal Yogyakarta

Nox Coffee Boutique Jogja: A coffee shop with eccentric baristas

Currently, the newest coffee place in Yogyakarta. Located in a strategic KM 5 Jalan Kaliurang, this new kid is widely talked among students. Nox Coffee Boutique, it's spacious enough, with indoor and outdoor seating at the balcony. There were not much to choose but coffee, though they also have several cakes to try. Unfortunately, their famous owl cakes were sold out, I saw it earlier on Instagram and yesss pretty cute.

As a new comer, I find it very interesting. I'm not talking about the coffee but the place and the team, I mean their baristas. Honestly, I thought it was really funny how they really take care of the appearance to look a bit eccentric with the colored hairs and funky hairstyles, in the end I realized that it will be catch the attention and become an attribute for this coffee shop. The pricing here is not cheap (for a coffee shop in Jogja), but reasonable. Payed IDR 30k for a cup of latte, which is standard, just like one in Jakarta.

Taking place in the same building with a beauty clinic, makes it a good choice for the gentlemen while waiting the ladies. Clean, bright, and comfy, it's a nice place to sit and talk.

Nox Coffee Boutique (inside Natasha Skin Care)
Jalan Kaliurang KM5
No 53 Yogyakarta

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