Shangri-la Hotel Jakarta Rooted in Nature: Going Green Through Sustainable Menu

Shangri-la Hotel Jakarta Rooted in Nature: Going Green Through Sustainable Menu, Involving Shang Palace, SATOO, Nishimura, and Rosso.

We know that people these days are more open to environment case than few years ago, especially here in Indonesia. An inspiring stride from Shangri-la Hotels and Resorts, marked by a humble start of Shangri-la Hotel Jakarta through Rooted in Nature promotions. It's more than organic fruits and vegetables, but locally sustainable sources. Line-caught fish, free-range poultry and beef. A hard work as the hotel needs to recognize the farmers, fishermen, and ranchers, to assure that chefs will get the best possible ingredients.

Chef Paolo Gionfriddo with his expertise in Italian cooking offers three course set menu, firstly King Prawns and Bandung Tomato Salad. The main is Bali Barramundi with Anchovy's Barley and White Fennel Foam. For dessert, Lampung Pineapple Ravioli was super refreshing, sweet-sour and juicy wrapped pineapple filled with mint flavored buffalo ricotta cream. 

As it's a buffet, there's a special station for Rooted in Nature dishes. Bogor Harvest Greens and Traditional Gado-Gado is one that I like the most, the peanut sauce was lovely, the authentic taste suits to anyone's taste bud. Free Range Soto Ayam. Pan Seared Garoupa with Kafir-Scented Bulgur Risotto topped with Indonesian Gouda and Herbs Sauteed Highland Vegetables with Chia Seeds, more than just tasteful but also healthy stuffs in there. 

Shang Palace
Shang Palace offers Rooted in Nature Cantonese Cuisine. Surabaya Avocado Salad Roll, this might be not so authentic but fusion with a Japanese twist. Steamed Kalimantan Marbled Goby Fish with Malang Green Apple. Braised Bogor Pumpkin Soup with Chicken. For dessert, Chilled Shang Garden Lemongrass Jelly is perfect to end the meal. Please do not disparage by its name or because the "lemongrass", slightly sweet, unique taste, surprisingly delightful.

The Japanese Restaurant that renowned for its Teppanyaki. Here, the set menu filled with various seafoods from Grilled Balinese Lobster and Tuna to Grilled Local Sukabumi Eel and Balinese Cod Fish.

Fresh avocado salad, soup, and tofu are provided to company the Teppanyaki set. As usual, fried rice is mandatory after or while having teppanyaki, instead of white rice, Prawn Fried Rice is the special one from Nishimura sustainable set menu.

In addition, as dessert, Green Bean with Glutinous Rice Balls. Not overly sweet, as green bean (also known as mung bean) packed with protein that full-filled hunger.

More than enjoying the sumptuous-scrumptious meal but also look back at the sources, proudly using local sourced organic fruits and vegetables, right treatment for the sustainability of the mother nature. Baby steps from Shangri-la Hotel Jakarta, I believe there's a lot more to come. From the earth for us. These sustainable set menus are available starting from 22 April 2015 throughout the year.  

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