Depot Hok Lay Malang: Fosco Please!

Depot Hok Lay Since 1946: While in Malang, Drink Fosco!

In fact that this city is a popular base for travelers that heading to Mount Bromo and Sempu Island, pretty much affect the food business beside it's also home for many universities. The emerging of new places is somehow a good sign, but personally I respect the legend, the place that stands strong for years. One of the legend here, Depot Hok Lay that opened their door since 1946, a year after Indonesia's Independence Day.

Heavy meals such as Cwie Mie and Lo Mie are available, but this place is famous for it's Lumpia Semarang. As we know that Lumpia Semarang is filled with bamboo sprout that has bad smell, absolutely not pleasant, but must say here it was different. The smell was not as strong as one that I had in Semarang. Sweet and sour sauce was the incredibly tasty so I can forget that I was eating lumpia. 

Lo Mie is wheat noodles with chicken, veggies, and savory sticky slimy soup. Personally, I prefer Cwie Mie that pretty similar to Yamien in Bandung. Dry noodles with lightly seasoned chicken, sliced scallions, and fried shallot on top. 

The must order, Fosco! No, it's not cola flavored carbonated drink. Using Coca-Cola bottle for serving this chocolate base beverage is a wonderful idea, very unique presentation, odd but somehow catchy. Hooked on Fosco, one bottle was not enough probably because it's not as sweet as some other chocolate drink but slightly salty. Ya, I believe they put salt in it.

Malang is a city that I'd never get bored to visit, it's another Jogja. Whenever you're in Malang, please do come here, at least to have a sip of their Fosco. Or maybe you've been here before? No fancy tables, no air conditioning, it's just like years ago, they keep the old decoration. I believe it's a place with heaps of memory for some people.

Depot Hok Lay
Jalan KH Achmad Dahlan No 10
Jawa Timur

Opening Hours (Jam Buka):
everyday from 09.00 to 13.30 and 17.00 to 20.30

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