Penyetan Wader Pucang SS - Kuliner Surabaya

Penyetan Wader Pucang SS - Kuliner Surabaya

Short stories about this place, Penyetan Wader Pucang. Located in front of Pasar Pucang Surabaya, they start to their small stall around 9 pm daily. If you take a look at their banner, it says Penyetan Pucang SS but locals usually called it Penyetan Wader Pucang. It was my first time eating wader, small fresh water fish. Lightly battered deep fried fish, super crispy and savory. Best to be eaten with warm steamed white rice and of course spicy and tangy sambal. It's something that you want to eat with your hand, forget the cutlery, 

yesss.. believe me, it will end with finger licking good moment

Each main dish served with a small amount of sambal, fried tempeh, lemon basil leaves, and slices of cucumber. Though it's famous for it's wader, they also have  ikan bandeng, prawn, and chicken. It's a modest dining, where you need to take off your shoes, share the mat with the other visitors. Wise pricing policy, very affordable, best of all is the story that I will remember. A thank you for local friends that took me here. See you again, Surabaya!

Penyetan Wader Pucang
Depan Pasar Pucang

Opening Hours: around 9 pm until late

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  1. Aku dari Surabaya juga, kalo wader mah juara. Paling favorit kalo ada menu wader sambel, gak mau ketinggalan. :D