Shanghai Storm - Alila Pecenongan Jakarta

Experience Chinese Cuisine at Shanghai Storm -  Alila Hotel Jakarta

Shanghai Storm is a Chinese restaurant located at Alila Hotel Jakarta. Disparate from Pearl, it's a casual Chinese restaurant though it's stand in a star-rated hotel. Shall we start with Deep Fried King Prawn? Crispy fried prawn coated with egg yolk, curry leaves, and red chili. To accompany all the sharing dishes, I got an individual portion of Steamed Hainan Rice. Super fragrant rice, very tasty, I can devour it without any main course.

Scallop with Asparagus - stir fried scallop and asparagus in XO sauce. It has mild savory sauce, a bit sweet though I did not really taste the pungency of the XO sauce. Anyway, the scallop itself was perfectly cooked, juicy and tender but not mushy.

Deep Fried Chicken - crispy chicken, cashew nut, leek, salt and pepper. Widely known as kung pao chicken, I enjoyed this dish quiet a lot. In addition, you might want to eat a piece of the chicken along with cashew and few coriander leaves.

Braised Bean Curd with Minced Beef - deep fried tofu with minced beef and Szechuan style sauce, not as spicy as I expected though it was tasty. 

Pan Fried Beef Rib Eye - beef rib eye, baby beans with homemade sesame sauce. Delicate savory sauce, it was the bomb. Not really Chinese but a twist of Japanese style with miso in it. I believe it's made for everyone's tongue, the beef was lovely, well-seasoned. You don't need lots of effort to chew as it's super tender.

A classic quote said there's always a room for dessert, I said yes if it's a good dessertFried Durian Ice Cream, do I need to explain? If you love durian, you'll absolutely love it! Though it's a very sensitive thing that when a person hates it, he/she's gonna treat it like the worst thing but if they do, no hope for sharing dessert. Finding this restaurant as nice one for a weekend lunch or dinner with family, generous portion of every dishes is a sign that it meant to be shared. 

Alila Hotel Jakarta
Jalan Pecenongan Kav 7 No. 17
Gambir - Jakarta Pusat 10120

Phone: +62 (021) 231 6008


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