Early Chinese New Year Dinner at Pearl Restaurant - JW Marriot Jakarta

Chinese New Year is getting closer, last week I attended 'early' CNY Blogger and Media Dinner hosted by Pearl Restaurant. Located at the second floor of JW Marriot Hotel Jakarta, here you can savor the authentic Chinese cuisine. Shall we start from Yee Sang? Consists of salmon, crispy dumpling skin, and various pickles dressed with sweet sauce. 

Braissed Dry Scallop Soup with Swim Bladder and Crab Meat - warm soup is always comforting to start a set meal

Steamed Sea Bass Fillet with Garlic and Superior Soy Sauce - my favorite among all the dishes belongs to this steamed fish.

You will be agree with me just on the first sip of the sauce

I must say, it was the best steamed fish I ever had so far. The fish was not fishy at all, soft, but not mushy perfectly cooked and served with a delightful garlic and superior soy sauce. Nothing more to say but, I'm craving for more.

Wok-Fried King Prawn with Ginger Spicy Sauce - the spicy sauce was good with cilantro on top that has its purpose not only as a garnish but also flavoring. 

Roasted Duck and Chicken Hong Kong Style and Prawn Craker - when it comes to poultry, go for chicken instead of duck.

Braised Dried Oyster with "Fa-Cai", "Taukan", Mushroom, and Vegetable - I personally prefer fresh oyster rather than the dried one, as it was fishy. My very first Fa-Cai experience, it was quite nice, slightly slimy closely like grass jelly texture.

Fried Rice with Assorted Waxed Meat Wrapped in Lotus Leaf - after so much protein intake, I couldn't finish this fried rice. The rice was surprisingly taste milder than its appearance as the color was dark symbolize

Assiette  of Chinese Pastries - Chinese New Year's Cake: Nian Gao with Coconut and Lotus Paste Pancake. 

Rainbow Rice Dumpling with Ginger Soup - closely to what Indonesian called "Wedang Ronde" the dumpling was really good, chewy but softer if compared to ronde. The soup was not over sweet which is perfect for me to sip until the last drop.

It was an honor for having the Executive Sous Chef, John Chu accompanying us during the dinner. In the end, the very common question asked, "how was the food?" As I said before, the Steamed Sea Bass was really pleasant.

Pearl Restaurant
Level 2 - JW Marriot Hotel
Jalan DR Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Kav E 1.2 no 1&2
Kawasan Mega Kuningan
Jakarta - Indonesia

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