Experience Balinese Food at Bebek Bengil: Gandaria City Jakarta

When it comes to Indonesian food, I can't deny that Balinese is always be on top of my list together with Sundanese and Manado food. Pretty much describe that I am into spicy food. It feels great that I don't have any problem eating spicy food,

when I said "spicy", think about Asian level!

It's been a while that I haven't had Balinese food, well until last week I had a delightful lunch at Bebek Bengil Gandaria City. Bebek Panggang Sambal Hijau (IDR 127.000) grilled duck with green chili sambal, the meat was nice and tender. The green sambal looks so tempting, don't you think so? But unfortunately the appearance isn't as attractive as the taste. In my opinion, it was not spicy, but plain, I was hoping something that will kick my taste buds. Anyway, good news that they give 3 different sambal to accompany the dishes. My first choice belongs to Sambal Matah, Balinese chili lemon grass relish. I noticed that some people do not eat duck, alternatively this place offer Nasi Campur Bali.

Ayam Suir Bali (IDR 127.000) - shredded spicy chicken served with bean sprout and fragrant yellow rice. The rice was fluffy, it has fragrant aroma, best company for the shredded chicken.

They said it's a must try, Bebek Bengil (IDR 130.000) deep fried duck served with steamed white rice, 'urap' (steamed veggies with tangy shredded coconut), and sambals. As I'm not really into duck, on next visit I prefer to order chicken instead, though the seasoning and sambal were tasty. I just can't help my self when having Indonesian food especially with sambal as condiment, it enhances my appetite, one dish is not enough!

Balinese Cake Platters (IDR 50.000) consists of Jaja Injin (glutinous black rice topped with shredded coconut), Timus (sweet cassava cake), Kolak, and Pisang Rai.

Bebek Bengil
Gandaria City Upper Ground
Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda
Jakarta - Indonesia

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