Turning Point Coffee: Finally, a Coffee Shop in Serpong

Finally, a cozy coffee shop in Serpong! Say hello to Turning Point Coffee.

I came to Serpong area a lot, even more than Bogor city. So, when I heard there's a new coffee shop opened in Gading Serpong I decided to come by. I'm not a big fan of coffee but I enjoy Affogato a lot. The place is quite spacious, smoking area is outside at the backyard. Reasons for you to come, simply because they serve good coffee, for more it has a nice ambiance, a good place to hang out with friends, or to finish your work because electricity plugs are available at every corner. The owner was friendly too.

My order was Affogato (IDR 31.818) accompany by a Ovomaltine Donut (IDR 22.727) while my sister had Latte (IDR 31.818) and Salted Caramel Donut (IDR 22.727). I won't talk about the coffee because I don't think that I'm capable. I love the Affogato anyway. Later, I found out that their Donuts are from Afterise and the Cakes are provided by Laréia Cake, both are well-known online based cake shops. No wonder, the donuts are so yummy especially the salted caramel one.

Turning Point Coffee
Ruko Golden 8 Extension Blok K no. 10
Jalan Ki Hajar Dewantara
Gading Serpong, Tangerang

prices are subject to 10% tax

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