Pasar Santa: Good Food at The Market

Pasar Santa is actually a traditional market that became popular lately because of young people that working on it so it transformed to be a hip place. The place is almost forgotten by the citizens, as these days most of people prefer to shop at supermarket. Well, I think it's pretty normal as most of traditional markets are dirty, don't you think so? But I'm telling you, Pasar Santa is unlike any other traditional market. Here, you can find various kind of food at the second floor from noodle to burrito. To fulfill your caffeine craving, there are some coffee shop that are ready to serve you great latte or cappuccino. Most of the food kiosks run by young entrepreneur.

Though some of the them open their shop only on weekend, but this place has more to discover on weekdays

Let's start with Barnana, that is actually frozen banana dipped in chocolate and coated with topping of your choice. I had one with cornflakes, ask me how was it? Of course it was good. Nothing special but yum because it's banana with chocolate and cornflakes! You really can't complain. 

Mie Chino is one of a food stall that caught my attention, not because it was crowded but the noodle. I can guess it must be good just by seeing its appearance, yes I'm a fan of thick wavy noodle! It can't be wrong, it was good, chewy noodles dressed with light seasoning oil and some chicken on top. One more thing about MieChino, it's their packaging, reminds me of Chinese food take out box on American movie. It was so much more interesting having the take out one than the one in a bowl, you can bring it while looking around the other food stalls rather than sitting down inside their kiosk as it's not big enough and of course it's always crowded. 

Some Indonesian said they're not eating properly without eating rice or maybe they don't count a meal without having some rice? Anyway, another interesting stall to stop by, Claypot Popo. Long wait should be worth in exchange for a hot claypot rice topped with half cooked egg or well done, depending on your order.

Pasar Santa
Jalan Cipaku 1 Tendean
Jakarta Selatan

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