Nasi Ayam Bu Pini: Jalan Pemuda (Depan Paragon Mall) Semarang

I spent one night in Semarang before continuing the trip to Yogyakarta. Honestly, at first, I have no idea about what to eat in Semarang expect 'Lunpia' and 'Bandeng Presto', but it was nice that I found some lovely dish that I've never tried before. Find out more about what to eat in Semarang, here. One of them is 'Nasi Ayam' Bu Pini that I found by chance, well actually because it's close to my hotel.

This little stall got my attention because of the appearance was just simple, is it wise enough to say that I got a feeling that it must be the authentic one?

The dish it self consists of steamed white rice, shredded chicken, half of hard boiled egg, squash cooked in coconut milk soup. In addition, there are some sides to choose from skewered quail eggs to chicken intestines. I saw some foreigners with their local friends having this 'nasi ayam', strengthen my 'feeling' that this stall must be the good one.

I personally not really into soupy rice dish, just like this 'nasi ayam' but the squash was tasty. A reason to have more than one, because it's simply comforting. Located at the side of main road and across big shopping mall, makes this stall even more crowded. 

Nasi Ayam Bu Pini
Jalan Pemuda (across Paragon Mall)
Semarang - Central Java

Opening Hours: start on 6 pm until sold out

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