Veganerie: Vegan Dessert in Bangkok Thailand

I always look for vegan food whenever I travel abroad, not because I'm a vegan but I love vegan food. It was quite hard to find vegan food in Bangkok but so happy that there's a vegan dessert cafe in the city center named Veganerie. They have various kind of cakes, cookies, and ice cream. Yes, vegan ice cream! I had the coconut almond and chocolate banana ice cream, because one scoop is always not enough for me. I must say, you should go for their coconut almond ice cream because it was sooo yummy! The texture was surprisingly nice and soft, not greasy but rich in flavor.

What can be better, it's dairy free, egg-less, it's vegan, and it's not gross.

As a company for my ice cream, I ordered chocolate brownies. The texture was closely like fudgy brownie, not overly sweet which is nice! They also gave a free sample of raw energy balls, made from dried fruits, nuts, seeds, and dried coconut. Even you're not a vegan but I bet you will enjoy the desserts here. 

Mercury Ville
BTS Chitlom
Bangkok, Thailand

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