Tai-Parfait: Newest Taiyaki Parfait - Gandaria City Jakarta

Finally, it's open! Tai-Parfait is actually Taiyaki with an open mouth that is filled with cream or ice cream and other toppings. Taiyaki itself is a Japanese fish-shaped cake. This brand is originally from Japan, and it's already famous in Singapore. Now, it's our turn in Jakarta. My first choice goes to the matcha azuki Tai-Parfait. The Taiyaki cake texture was a little bit chewy, filled with matcha cream, matcha ice cream, and topped with red bean paste. The matcha ice cream was really nice. Strong matcha flavor combined with sweet red bean, it could never go wrong!

Another Tai-Parfait, it's their best seller chocolate strawberry. Taiyaki filled with chocolate cream, vanilla soft serve, topped with strawberry cream, chocolate sauce, wafer stick, and a strawberry. It looks so cute, don't you think so? They offer some other flavors too, Banana Caramel sounds great. Unfortunately the size was not as big as I expected, and it's quite pricey, around IDR 40-45k.

Level 2 Gandaria City (in front of Eat&Eat)
Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda
Jakarta Selatan

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