What To Eat in Semarang: Kuliner Semarang More Than Lunpia

Lunpia is everywhere in Semarang, honestly I'm not a big fan of Lunpia as it smells not good to me. Well, some people agreed me that they don't really like it because of the smell. The most famous one is Lunpia Gang Lombok, located in Chinatown district, specifically at Jalan Lombok no 11. If you have a chance to stop by, there's a chicken noodle stall just beside the Lunpia shop that is worth to try, good news if your family and friends want Lunpia but you don't, you can have a bowl of chicken noodle instead

Though it smells bad, I always have at least one whenever visiting Semarang

Semarang has a lot more to discover, I mean food. Anyway, there's something interesting I found in a market. So, I went to Pasar Johar in the morning and found lots of 'Lontong''. It was like every corner of the market filled with rice cake that wrapped in banana leaves called Lontong. I guess, Semarang citizens consume Lontong a lot, much better than rice, though it's also made from rice. 

Toko OEN - this old dessert shop is so famous with their cookies and ice cream. The place brings back memories, and so their sweet stuffs. It was my fist time coming to Toko Oen and I did expect a lot for their ice cream, I like Ragusa better than this. But, they have various kind of cookies that harldy to find anywhere else.

Another interesting dish to try at Jalan Pemuda, it's Pisang Plenet, smashed grilled banana filled with jam, jus like a sandwich, topped with powdered sugar and chocolate granules. Yes, it was way too sweet for me. 

Nasi Ayam - a rice dish with shredded chicken, hard boiled egg, and squash coconut milk soup. I had one named 'Nasi Ayam' Bu Pini, find out more, here.

Tahu Gimbal another typical dish from Semarang which is my new favorite. It consists of fried bean curd (tofu), lontong (rice cakes),  raw cabbage, fried battered prawn, and egg. Served with sweet and savoury peanut sauce, this dish is closely like ketoprak

I was amazed that I found a good pistachio gelato here in Semarang. I didn't expect much when decided to purchase a single serving of gelato at a basement of a shopping mall. It's Fragola Gelato at Paragon Mall, with only IDR 18000 you'll get a cup of gelato with two flavors of your choice. Go for their Pistachio gelato, you should! I know you won't regret it, trust my words because I have a great gelato experience lol, I mean from random places to Italy yes even in Italy not every gelateria have a good pistachio gelato

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