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Shopping maybe on the first on your list while traveling to Bangkok, but not for me. Sorry, maybe yes.. Platinum sounds great! Haha.. anyway, I like to explore local food, go to the market, cafe hopping, or simply walking around the city without any destination. There's a place that caught me called Fill In The Blank, what a unique name, well the place is pretty amazing to me. Ask me why? It's because everything is just so beautiful, white painted wall, dominated with decorations in wood color. 

There are two sitting areas, indoor and outside at the garden. As you can see, they let the tree grow, so lovely, and  it creates natural ambiance.

I did "whoa" at first after seeing the outdoor seating. It's so pretty like in picture, just like one in Pinterest haha!

This place is actually really nice to have a cup of coffee and a slice of cake. It's located in a small alley, not too far from the main street, so quiet and comfort. I was gratified to feel the lovely ambiance. But I didn't feel like to chill and having a cup of coffee. It was brunch time and I was so hungry. Shall I start with a plate salad?

Caesar Salad - the classic one, consists of romaine, croutons, shaved parmesan cheese, and crispy bacon coated with creamy anchovy mayo base dressing.

Shakshuka - two eggs simmered in tomato base sauce topped with cherry tomatoes and basil leaves, accompany with flour tortilla.

Inside the cafe, there's a small shop that sell organic balms, vintage storage, and vintage bags with unique typography. I know that I can stay for hours but Ekkamai has a lot more to explore so an hour was just enough for me, well probably because I had no company, better luck next time!

Fill in the Blank 
28/10 Sukhumvit 61 (Soi Major Cineplex Ekkamai)
Tel. 094-556-2920, 02-000-4828

How to get there:
Trom BTS Ekkamai, walk to Major Cineplex Ekkamai. Turn right on Sukhumvit 61 follow the road about 200 meters, you'll see the sign on the right side. The cafe is inside the small alley.

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