Middle East Food Feast This Ramadhan at Sailendra JW Marriott Jakarta

Ramadhan With Middle East Food Feast At Sailendra JW Marriott Jakarta

When I got the invitation for this Ramadhan food tasting at Sailendra JW Marriott Jakarta, I was extremely excited because of the menu, middle east food!! I've been to not so many places here in Jakarta for middle east food, but when I was in KL I had a nice experience at Al-Rawsha the 24 hours Lebanese restaurant. Personally, I don't really compare restaurants one to another because every of them has their own specialty and of course we do have different appetite, we might have different experience, and wise enough to say we see things in different way. 

Hot appetizers such as samosas and falafels were served freshly fried from the kitchen, but this time I want to introduce more about cold appetizers even if in general I know that it doesn't fit everyone's tongue. First, Hummus (chickpeas puree with tahini / sesame seeds paste, garlic, and lemon juice). Babaganush and Mutabe are both made from eggplant, babaganush is more popular and it also contains tahini. Most of middle east main dish contain high fat, let's say lamb, greens are needed to balance it. Vegetables are usually consume in form of salad, Tabuleh (parsley-bulgur salad) and Fatoush are the most popular. To accompany all the appetizers, warm and soft pita bread.

Lentil Soup served with Arabic croutons, personally I'm not a soup person but hands up, an exception for this lentil soup. Light and savoury soup, not so creamy but rich enough to pamper my tongue until the main course. 

Chicken Tagine with Olive and Lemon - slow cooking method creating a very tender and rich in flavor chicken, tagine is a pot for cooking, made from pottery.

Pakistan Beef Kofta and Chicken - at first, eyeing on the beef kofta, but surprisingly the chicken that looks not so attractive was incredibly tasty. Well marinated chicken, tangy raw onion, tasteful until the last bites.

Moroccan Spiced Lamb Shank with Preserve Lemon and Prunes - Middle East Feast would not be completed without lamb, not really into lamb (except lamb mandy, my weakness) but must say that it was quite tasty. Soft - juicy - easy to pull meat, tangy sauce, sweet prunes, fresh cilantro, best of all it did not smell, a perfect companion for couscous. 

Couscous with Chicken Lemon and Raisin - not many of us especially Asian (that consume rice as the staple food) find if couscous is palatable. In fact that it has a lot of benefit such as in muscle building and immune system as it has selenium that is difficult to find in food sources. The cooking method may vary, water will make it bland but a good broth will take it to the next level. This dish was moderately fit my taste bud, in addition the raisin was sweet enough in balancing the flavor.

It won't be complete without rice dish, one of the reason why I adore middle east food is because they use basmati rice. The lower sugar in basmati rice will make you eat more than the actual if you eat regular white rice. 

For dessert, something sweet such as Um Ali, Baklava, and Katayef. Middle East dessert are usually super sweet, I knew that I can't handle it but Um Ali was just so delightful with its coconut and pistachio while could only eat one piece of Baklava.

This special month is the right time to savor middle east food and Sailendra is so ready to regale you with Ramadhan special meu from Morroccan to Pakistan dishes.

Lobby Level - JW Marriot Hotel
Jalan DR Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Kav E 1.2 no 1&2
Kawasan Mega Kuningan
Jakarta - Indonesia


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