Lebanese Food at Al-Rawsha Restaurant Kuala Lumpur (Open 24 Hours): Big Portion? No Problem!

It was late and we were so hungry. It's me, Vendryana, and our host Arie. On our way back to Kuala Lumpur from Shah Alam, we talked about what we were going to eat from Mexican to Indian food. The one that came out many times was the fast food chain restaurant, but it definitely the last choice for me. After long talk, Arie offered "how about Lebanese Food?" I couldn't agree more, it sounds great! But he laughed and convinced us, "seriously?" OK, he said none of his girl friends wanted to go to Lebanese restaurant, simply because the portion is super big. What's the point? We're on vacation, it's 11 pm, and it's gonna be alright. 

Once we arrived to get a table, there was a servant carried a sharing portion of Mandy. Suddenly, we looked each other and laughed as thought that was super huge. The diameter of the plate is almost a meter long, that was incredible! The first thing came to the table was Lamb Kebab Sandwich (MYR 10) the size was just right, as it's not as big as one that I had in Germany. It's a lamb kebab and veggies with yogurt sauce wrapped in a flat bread. 

Lamb Mandy (MYR 25) is a traditional Handramaut earth baked rice served with lamb. I really love the rice, it was so tasty. Don't be surprise with the amount of rice, it's not the same as white rice that we (Asian) usually eat. The long grain basmati rice has lower sugar than the regular white rice so it won't make full easily.

Mix Appetizers (MYR 35) consists of Tabbouleh which is chopped parsley salad, Hummus, Baba Ganoush, Samosas, Warak Inap, Muwalah (flat bread) and Falafel. Warak Inap is vine leaves roll stuffed with rice, tomato, and olives. I really love the hummus, it was so yummy and very smooth. The falafel was just good but not special. If you're not familiar with Mediterranean food, you probably will like hummus but I'm not sure about Baba Ganoush. I am a big eater but the portion was really huge, and so sad that Vendry and Arie were not really helping haha! They should eat more anyway.

This place is really huge, it can accommodate up to 1000 people. It's more than a place to visit when you're hungry at late night (as they open for 24 hours) but it can be an alternative for family gathering or hang out with friends. They serve shisha and VIP room is available. I'd like to try the other menu on my next visit, they have a wide range menu to choose. If you're asking me what will remain on my next order, it will be the Hummus and Kabsa rice (the one that served with Lamb Mandy) but maybe with Shawarma not Mandy.

AL-RAWSHA Restaurant (open 24 hours)
No. 8 Jalan Kampung Pandan 55100
Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

Phone: 03-92006600

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