Thai Food at Bangkok Garden PIK (Pantai Indah Kapuk)

The newest Thai restaurant in the city, located in the current most happening area Pantai Indah Kapuk. It's Bangkok Garden! If you're following me on Instagram, you know that I just came back from Malaysia and Thailand trip. I visited Bangkok Garden just a week before my trip and hold my self to write a review until I came back from Thailand. Why? It's not to make a comparison but at least I have something to tell more than just it's good or not. I will start with the most famous Thai salad, it's Som Tam (IDR 35.000). It's made from shredded young papaya in tangy, sour, and spicy dressing with toasted peanuts on top. I find this Somtam a little sweeter than one I had in Thailand, but seriously good because they really make a balance flavor. If you're into salad like I do, this is a must order.

Tod Man Pla (IDR 42.000) - deep fried fish cakes that served with sweet and sour chili sauce. 

Gai Hoi Bai Toey (IDR 48.000) deep fried marinated chicken wrapped in pandan leaf, surprisingly the seasoning not as strong as it looks. The chicken was tender and juicy, due to its mild seasoning, better dip in the sauce to enhance the flavor.

Pik Kai Samun Plai (IDR 48.000) - herby fried chicken wings, this is one of my favorite, the chicken was crispy on the outside and juicy inside all that herbs and seasoning infused, creating such a nice flavor.

Khao Ob Sapporod (IDR 46.000) - Thai pineapple fried rice which taste closely like Indian Curry rice, but I personally love curry and it could never go wrong with curry. It wasn't like the authentic pineapple fried rice but it was tasty.

Gaeng Kiew Wan Gai (IDR 48.000) - widely known as Chicken Green Curry. I don't feel like to explain about how it taste, you should try this because it's simply tasty.

Do you agree that Mango Sticky Rice is the most popular Thai dessert? Well, I do! Khao Neow Mango (IDR 32.000) is a dessert that consist of cooked glutinous rice, sliced mango, and coconut cream.

Coconut Pudding (IDR 25.000) - Thai people do not consume plenty of milk but coconut milk for cooking and also for desserts. Coconut is essential in Thai dessert, and coconut pudding is one to be mentioned. I'm a fan of coconut, how can I say no? Anyway it was good, not to sweet which I like. So, if you get bored with the mango sticky rice or in case the mango is out of season, this is a great choice to end your meal.

What do you think best drink to accompany your Thai food feast, yes Thai Iced Tea (IDR 20.000). It's everyone favorite, but as I don't really drink milk, I got cold water instead. All my foodie friends said it was good and of course I can trust them, so it's definitely one you have to order.

If you're looking for authentic Thai cuisine, Bangkok Garden is just good for you. Though I find some menus are adapted to our taste in order creating balance flavor that is acceptable. I personally love their Som Tam and Green Curry. This place is one you should put on list for family lunch.

Bangkok Garden
Ruko Garden House Blok B no 18B
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta - Indonesia

Ph: +62 (021) 2903 3158

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