Green Tea Lovers: 5 Japanese Style Dessert in Bangkok

Kyo Roll En

One of the reason I really want to visit Bangkok is because this place, Kyo Roll En. I am a fan of matcha dessert, ice cream, gelato, soft serve, and I definitely can't stand while looking at Kyo Roll En earlier on Instagram. Kyo Roll En has few shops around Bangkok, I visited their Siam Square One branch. They have various kind of cake rolls but go for their soft serve! I ordered Cone Parfait (THB 115, excl. 10% service charge) consists of twist soft serve (matcha and charcoal), red bean paste, and mochi. The matcha soft serve was sooo good, perfectly matched the red bean paste while the charcoal soft serve taste just like vanilla flavor. Kyo Roll En is definitely a place for a matcha lover like me, and for sure I will come back whenever visiting Bangkok again.

Kyo Roll En:
Siam Square One - 1 Floor
Central Embassy - 5 Floor
Gateway Ekkamai - MF
The Emporium - 5 Floor
Central Chaengwattana - 5 Floor
The Mall Bangkapi  - GF


I got my Volcano Soft Cream: Kuromitsu Hokkaido Milk (Okinawa Black Sugar) from I-seki pop-up booth at Digital Gateway - Siam Square. It's unlike any other soft serve, the way they present the soft serve is very interesting. On the bottom of the outter cup, they put dry ice and when pour some water when it's about to serve so the smoke comes out from the buttom. The soft serve was nice and soft, with black sugar sauce and mochi for topping. The Okinawa black sugar taste like palm sugar, sweet and it has a really nice aroma. 

Check out their Instagram @i_seki to catch where they are because currently the only open temporary booth and it's moving from time to time.

Hokkaido Soft at Siam Paragon

Say yes to matcha soft serve! Hokkaido Soft located at the well known Siam Paragon Mall, it's very easy for foreigner to get to this mall as it's in the central and it is connected to the Siam BTS station. Headed to ground floor, then in a short time I decided to order the Green Tea Soft Serve on a cone. There were not many to choose, the green tea was on the top of my list. Of course it was good, but the green tea flavor was not too strong than I expected, the texture was very nice and smooth.

Hokkaido Soft
Siam Paragon - G Floor
BTS Siam, Bangkok

Crumb by After You

Crumb serve various kind of dessert from ice cream cake, hot fudge brownie, waffle, to ice cream sundae. Crumb is the sister of a well-known dessert cafe, After You. I ordered Matcha Candy Bar, yes I never get bored with green tea flavor. It's always be on my top of list after pistachio. The green tea ice cream was so good, love the white chocolate green tea sauce on top, and the rice puffs. Actually I want to try another menu but due to my long list and the very little time, I got only one but it's seriously worth. There are many ice cream parlor around Bangkok, and this place is right on my list that I want to visit again in the future.

Crumbs Ice Cream by After You
Central Embassy Level 3 (Chitlom BTS)
1031 Pleonchit road, Pathumwan, Bangkok

Yuutaro Japanese Restaurant

Yuutaro, it's not a dessert cafe but a fine Japanese Restaurant. I'm not interested to their sushi or sashimi but their famous dessert, well actually I save a space for another meal as I can't share it with anyone, my aunt and cousins were shopping all day long. I ordered only a glass of cold Ocha (THB 50) and Green Tea Lava Cake (THB 200). Should I comment about the Ocha? I love it! The Green Tea Lava Cake was sooo good!!!  I'm not lying, you should try and please tell me if you like it too. The cake is actually a chocolate cake, it was not really light but a bit solid in rich chocolate flavor. It was happiness at the time I sliced the cake and the green sauce came out, and it was so yummy, not too sweet, well combined with the chocolate cake. For a dessert, it's quite pricey but you get what you pay for. They don't have to tell me but I can taste that they only use finest ingredients.

prices are subject to 10% service charge and 7% VAT

Yuutaro Japanese Restaurant
Central Embassy Level 5 (Chitlom BTS)
1031 Pleonchit road, Pathumwan, Bangkok

There are so many desserts cafe in Bangkok, unfortunately I visited very few due to my short stay. Based on what I had during the trip, I really like Kyo Roll En and Crumb ice cream but the special one is the Green Tea Lava Cake from Yuutaro. I really love green tea ice cream, gelato, and soft serve but not a cake. It was nice that I can enjoy the lava cake from Yuutaro, and of course I will get it again on my next visit to Bangkok.

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