Ayam Geprek Istimewa Bogor

Ayam Geprek Istimewa Bogor: Kuliner Wajib di Bogor - A Modest Place To Eat For Everyone

One of the things that I really like when it comes to this city, foods are quite affordable, it's palatable but not cheap in flavor. I've been living in Bogor since I was a little, it's a place with a very slow development to be compared with some other cities around Jakarta and applied in culinary scene too. De'Leuit might be more popular among Jakartans and tourists but as Bogor citizen, I'd like to introduce Ayam Geprek Istimewa. Not a new name, established in 2001 from a small rumah makan in Bangbarung area. While 'ayam' means chicken in Bahasa Indonesia, ayam geprek is fried chicken that smashed using a stone pestle though here it's different from Yogyakarta version of ayam geprek, the battered American style fried chicken and smashed until shattered. 

Though Ayam Geprek is the main menu but personally I prefer their Ayam Goreng Legit (IDR 14.000). Delicate fried chicken with all the spice infused into the meat, savory sweet and salty, surely a finger licking good one. It came with boiled papaya leaves, sliced cucumber, and spicy slightly sweet sambal while the Ayam Geprek served with savory and very spicy sambal

Who's into ribs? Here we call it Iga Bakar (IDR 40.000) - ribs BBQ, well marinated, super tender, coated with sweet soy sauce, and it was seriously huge. With the same price at the other place, generally smaller or you will get just a big piece of bone instead of meat. 

Genjer Ebi (IDR 12.000) - probably the most typical veggie in Sundanese food, genjer is a common for stir-frying, it doesn't have strong aroma, taste quite similar to horenso. Cooked just until a little wilted, I did feel the crunch while simple seasoning, onion, chili, and dried shrimp were just right!

The only place in Bogor that have trancam on their menu, though it was not as good as before but still acceptable. Trancam (IDR 10.000) - urap but with raw vegetables. Sliced long beans, cucumber, sprouts, cabbage, lemon basil served with seasoned grated coconut. 

Been here many times, some said it was not as good as years ago, I do agree but still a good place, worth to visit, adore most of their sambal, moreover it's very affordable. Definitely not a fancy Sundanese restaurant though I don't mind, a humble place, that I know every time I go there, I will come out with a happy face. And oh, don't forget to order tempe kemul!

Ayam Geprek Istimewa Bangbarung 27
Jalan Achmad Sobana no 27
Bogor - Indonesia
Phone: 62 (0251) 838-5454

Opening Hours:
Everyday 9.00 - 22.00
Friday start from 13.00 - 22.00

Other Outlets:
Ayam Geprek Istimewa Bangbarung 54
Jalan Achmad Sobana no 27
Bogor - Indonesia
Phone: 62 (0251) 836-3913

Ayam Geprek Istimewa Taman Yasmin
Ruko Taman Yasmin Sektor 6 No. 11
Bogor - Indonesia
Phone: 62 (0251) 713-9393

Ayam Geprek Istimewa Semeru
Jalan Dr Semeru Cilendek
Bogor - Indonesia
Phone: 62 (0251) 835-8128

Ayam Geprek Istimewa Karadenan
Jalan Raya Pemda, Karadenan
Cibinong, Bogor
Phone: 62 (0251) 713-7373

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