AW Kitchen by Akira Watanabe: First Anniversary Dinner

AW Kitchen by Akira Watanabe - Jakarta: First Anniversary Dinner

First is always special. This week, I attended a dinner fete celebrating one year old AW Kitchen by Akira Watanabe, Plaza Senayan. To survive, it's not easy, new restaurants keep coming up all year long at least few in a month. But they made it, perhaps because Italian food that fit to everyone's tongue or is it Japanese ingredients that likely accepted by most of us? 

Antipasto - Gazpacho Shrimp Pinchos, Caponata Canape, Yellow Tail and Salmon Carpaccio. Great combination to start dinner, every part of this dish was just appetizing, fresh shot of gazpacho succeed tantalized my taste bud. Though I'm not a fan of raw fish but tuna and salmon carpaccio were the prime increasing my appetite.

Primi Pasta - Cold Capellini with Salmon, Capers and Lemon Sauce it was like Japanese buckwheat noodle, cold soba but in different way. Thin capellini pasta coated with chilled basil pesto sauce, tiny diced salmon on top, also ikuro (salmon roe). Not fishy at all. 

Secondi Piatti - Salmon with Salsa Sauce. Salmon steak on mashed potato with fresh salsa fresca. Pairing fish with tangy sauce, super, though the veggies on side were overcooked. Personally as a huge fan of salsa, it was quite impressive. 

Black Angus Tenderloin with choice of Porcini Sauce - medium steak topped with herb butter and mushroom sauce, salads and potato gratin as sides. Juicy meat, not super tender but easy to chew, combined with delicate flavor of herb butter, ignored for awhile that I had mushroom sauce.

Another day come, happy first anniversary AW Kitchen. I'd love to see more creations. Comforting Italian food and challenging Japanese ingredients on a plate is beyond exciting.

AW Kitchen by Akira Watanabe
Plaza Senayan Level P4
Jalan Asia Afrika no 8
Jakarta Pusat

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