Llao Llao Frozen Yogurt Jakarta

The First Llao Llao Frozen Yogurt in Indonesia: Finally, It's Here! 

Jakarta, it's our turn, well if you visit Singapore quite often you may be familiar with this frozen yogurt brand, Llao Llao (read: yaw-yaw). The first outlet located in the most hectic shopping mall at west Jakarta, Central Park Mall. 

Pretty much similar to some other frozen yogurt brand, it's served with various toppings from fresh fruits to crunchy cookies. Llao Llao's signature is Sanum - combination of frozen yogurt, 3 layers of fruits, 2 layers of crunchy toppings, and your choice of sauce. Choices of fruits are vary, because they use mostly seasonal fresh fruits though preserved fruit such as longan is available too. For the crunch: Oreo, hazelnuts, Chips Ahoy, colored candies, and muesli are some that you can add into your cup. 

Ok so for my Sanum (IDR 58.000), I got banana, strawberries, and mango with caramelized biscuit and caramelized sunflower seeds. Honestly the hardest part was when choosing the sauce, decided to add the cookie sauce on top instead of their famous Chococrock sauce. To be compared with the one in Singapore, here it's creamier, almost similar to soft creme. If only they can be more generous with the sauce. Well, it is always back to your preference. For me another new comer brings back the popularity of frozen yogurt along with the current rising star soft serve ice cream.

Llao Llao Frozen Yogurt
Central Park Mall - LG Floor (next to Panorama Tour)
Jalan Letjen S. Parman Kav 28
Grogol Petamburan
Jakarta Barat

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