Kedai Ling Ling: Home For Asian Dessert

Kedai Ling Ling Sukajadi Bandung: Home For Asian Dessert!

Lived in this city for around 5 years, the place that filled with creative people from music to culinary. It's a never ending innovation Kedai Ling Ling is famous for its cheap affordable Japanese food such as ramen and takoyaki (octopus balls). Throw away that thoughts from "real ramen" I'm talking about customized ramen that probably more acceptable for locals. In fact, their takoyaki was quite nice, best I can find in Bandung. 

Earlier, I did a short food trip, finally coming back to Bandung. Kedai Ling Ling is located at Sukajadi, 10 minutes away from Hilton, very close to Paris Van Java Mall. The place is so huge, to be compared with their Cihampelas and Trunojoyo outlet, more seating, less crowded. 

When I saw on the menu, OK now they have a lot more to offer especially desserts. Still remember clearly that they're famous for what's called Mango Dessert. This time, I ordered something similar to Taiwanese style dessert with sweet potato balls, grass jelly, sweetened red bean, topped with red bean ice cream (yes, not green tea) because I had one more, matcha parfait!

There were so many variations to choose, it's always back to your preference. But for sure, Kedai Ling Ling is a place serving delightful desserts with affordable price. It's popular among locals and students. Meet the locals and enjoy your dessert. 

Kedai Ling Ling
Jalan Sukajadi No 157
Bandung - Indonesia

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  1. The desert mentioned here in the blog is truly amazing. We can judge the elegance of this tasty desert from picture and the ingredients mentioned in the admission service are all very easy available in market and stores. Good one task done here..!!

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