How To Make Super Fragrant Garlicky Aglio Olio Pasta?

A very simple, the easiest pasta dish yet comforting, it's Aglio Olio pasta. Oil based pasta that basically consists of oil, garlic, salt and pepper, hot pepper flakes, and pasta of your choice. Long pasta is the most common for aglio olio, such as spaghetti and capellini. Thinly sliced garlic is the characteristic, do not chop, because it's what Italian do for aglio olio.

I've made it few times, not often, when eating out, I tried many from different places. A curiosity of me that how come few certain restaurants can make super fragrant and garlicky aglio olio pasta. Tried few different ways, adding massive amount of garlic, using very low heat, but no, it's not there yet. Until last week, OK this may not authentic but turned out quite nice, added some garlic infused oil instead of only using regular olive oil. You can get it in larger supermarket or perhaps you want to make your own at home? I found the recipe by Martha Stewart about how to make garlic oil.

Another version of my oil-based pasta dish, Spaghetti Aglio Olio With Slow Roasted Tomato and Black Olives. I won't write about the measurement because really, when you cook, you need to confidence. 

To make slow roasted tomato: cut tomatoes in half, sprinkle some salt, into the oven at 120 C for about an hour or two depending on the size of your cuts.

  • spaghetti, cook following instruction on the packaging 
  • few cloves of garlic, sliced
  • olive oil
  • garlic oil
  • chopped cilantro
  • sliced black olives
  • roasted tomato
  • salt and pepper to taste
To enhance the flavor, add some parmesan cheese.

  1. Prepare the oil base first before cooking your pasta
  2. On a pan, low heat, add in olive oil and sliced garlic
  3. Stir until cooked but do not brown the garlic
  4. Add garlic oil, cilantro, and olives
  5. Turn off the heat
  6. Cook your pasta, I like mine al-dente so usually I cut 2 minutes from the cooking time on packaging because I want to cook it for a little more time
  7. Throw in cooked pasta into the oil base, turn on the heat, add parmesan and roasted tomato, stir for one or two minutes until thoroughly combined

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