Hilton Hotel Bandung: Home For Your Culinary Trip

Will you agree me if I say Bandung is the right place for culinary trip? This city with the creative people, did you know that most of famous Indonesian musicians came from Bandung? I've lived here for 5 years, pretty much gave me knowledge about the citizens. They are different, they made unique things, they made things that probably sounds ridiculous but actually pretty nice, things that maybe only in Bandung. Have you ever heard about seblak? It's a street food snack made from soaked (un-fried) crackers that cooked with egg in savoury seasoning. Some people might think it's disgusting but actually it's quiet tasty though depending on the street vendor. So, it's also applied on culinary, they never stop in finding new food. 

It was few weeks ago, I went to Bandung with my foodie friends for a short staycation at Hilton Hotel Bandung. Located just about 15 minutes away from the airport and just about 2 hours driving from Jakarta, shall we start from the rooms? I stayed in their 2 Queen Hilton Deluxe, it's quiet spacious, warm, and comfy. The room is featured with LCD TV, WiFi access, their marble bathroom is stunning, equipped with separated toilet and double sink. 

Hilton Hotel Bandung has several restaurant, but one to remember it's their Purnawarman Restaurant. The outdoor space is scenic with shady trees and the fish pond, convenient for breakfast or brunch. 

Here are some of the dishes that I had while in Purnawarman Restaurant, from Seared Tuna Salad to fancy looking Surabi. I was lucky enough as they had Culinary Journey event at the time. Having the guest Chef Daniel Chong from Conrad Seoul that cooked some dishes for Purnawarman Restaurant, it was like going back to South Korea. Aside of kimchi, he made scrumptious kimbab (rice rolls) coated with delicate sesame oil and super tasty galbi jjim (short ribs stew). 

Staying at Hotel Hilton Bandung was really a delightful experience, pleasant hospitality, and surely the luscious food. As a bonus, I will tell you that this hotel is actually pretty close to the must visit street food while in Bandung, it's Martabak Nikmat Andir and also in walking distance to Martabak Asan. For the hint, order martabak pandan jagung keju at Martabak Nikmat Andir and martabak tipker from Asan.

Hilton Hotel Bandung
Jalan HOS Tjokroaminoto no 41-43
Bandung 40171

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