Ling Ling Jakarta at The East Kuningan: More Than Dimsum

This weekend, I went to this (not so new) Chinese restaurant named Ling Ling. It was on the last week of February when they opened their door for public. It was quiet rare chance for us to gather, sit together, shared same table. It's Natasha, Aline, ShelmiEddyVerdi, VeggyHansJulia and Marius, anyway we did count when about to check-in on Path. OK, I won't talk about the place as Hans & Aline already posted about this place on their blog (click on their names for blog address). I believe they explained it clearly much better as you know I rarely write about the interior, ambiance, etc (food! food!). Well, the place is actually so pretty but quiet low in light, even in the VIP room.

Started with dimsum, Prawn and Beancurd Cheung Fan delicate rice rolls filled with prawn and beancurd, from the first it came to the table I kept my eyes on to this dish because I just knew it that it'd taste good. Proved, it's my personal preference. Though I'm not really a fan of Shiu Mai but their Pork and Prawn Shiu Mai was quiet impressed me. Soft dumpling skin filled with juicy meat, don't forget to dip it in Ling Ling's special chili sauce. Black Sesame Glutinous Rice Balls & Salted Egg Custard Rice Balls, those are everyone's favorite. 

Ling Ling Restaurant offers more than just dimsum, if you're not into dimsum (how come?) maybe not in a mood for dimsum? They have some other menus that most likely in sharing portion, it's resemble Chinese custom that sharing food while dining

Ox Tongue Chili Szechuan Pepper and Miso Sauce - chewy ox-tongue with salty sauce, slightly spicy (well for me, you know I love to eat super super spicy food). It tasted milder than its appearance, I was expecting strong flavor though it was decent.

Aromatic Duck, Mandarin Pancakes, and Hoisin Sauce, it served with thinly shredded green onion and cucumber. Take the thin pancake, filled with duck meat, green onion, cucumber, and hoisin sauce, wrap, and eat! 

One that must to try Claypot Rice with Chinese Sausage, Chicken, and Shiitake. It was so tasty, salty and garlicky rice with thinly sliced sausage, mushroom, and chicken. Though the chicken was a little bit dry but

I could overlook it in an instant simply because the rice was so tasty

To cure sugar craving after having savoury dishes, I had Egg Waffle with Salted Caramel Biscuit Ice Cream for dessert. Another choice to try, Mango Pudding, it was lovely! 

Ling Ling Restaurant
The East - Lingkar Mega Kuningan SCBD

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