Kuliner Malang: Makcik Puff - Es Mangkuk

A city with thousands of students, the place that is dominated by young people. The demand of affordable food is surely higher than metropolitan cities. One new comer (a local friend said so), Makcik Puff is a dessert shop that serve classic choux pastry, known as kue sus here in Indonesia.

Es Mangkuk Makcik Oreo (IDR 13.990) so my friend ordered Oreo and me, you know it's Es Mangkuk Green Tea (IDR 16.990). Seriously, I was surprised as it's super cheap while the portion was huge. So in a large mug, you will get flavored soft shaved ice (depending on your order) with ice cream, drizzled honey, and various toppings. It has a right amount of sweetness, I am pleased that places here in Malang got their eyes open because we love to eat sweet desserts that not overly sweet so it will be tasteful until the last bite. Just like my favorite waffle place, First Point Sandwich & Waffle.

Reminds me back years when in university that we're always looking for something cheap, expecting generous portion, and hoping quiet good taste

Puff Ice Cream Green Tea & Vanilla (IDR 6990) - light choux pastry filled with ice cream dusted with powdered sugar. Each portion contains of two puffs. Actually the have regular puff filled with flavored cream, but some were sold out so end up with this puff ice cream. I like the vanilla better than the green tea, yes even as a huge fan of green tea, I must say go for the vanilla one. It's simply because the green tea ice cream taste so familiar that usually can be found in Taiwanese Dessert parlor. Is it wise enough to say "you got what you paid for?" honestly, for less than 10k dessert it was decent to cure your sweet craving.

To be added, their Es Mangkuk is definitely worth to try. It came in huge size and it's cheap. More to offer, the place is quiet nice to hang out with friends. Most of the crowds are young people, girls! Not equipped with comfy sofa but just some simple stools, feel free to chat along while enjoying ice dessert.

Makcik Puff
Jalan Pulosari - Malang
Jawa Timur

*it's beside Bakso President Pulosari

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