Fresh Point Sandwich & Waffle: Best Waffle in Malang

It was not a sudden when I decided to make a trip to Malang. The small city that just 2 hours away from Surabaya, Malang is not as crowded as Surabaya and the better because it has a really nice and chill weather. By far I was impressed with this city, the people are really nice. Foods are very affordable here, though you'll get what you paid for. But one place named Fresh Point Sandwich, it was my best finding in Malang. It was an indulgence for me as

I'm not a pancake person but waffle!! Preferably the light and crispy one.

When it comes to waffle, I normally choose the sweet one though I'm not a sweet-toothed person. Actually savoury waffles are rarely to be found here, Patty Burger Waffle (IDR 21.000)

Beef Pepperoni Pizza (IDR 35.000) - way better than I expected, crisp crust with generous amount of sauce and toppings. 

Classic Belgian Waffle (IDR 12.000) with choices of vanilla or chocolate ice cream and for the sauce, blueberry or strawberry jam. The waffle was very light, probably the lighter among the other which I really like. It went really well with vanilla ice cream and blueberry jam

Banana Choco Sundae Waffle (IDR 30.000) - the texture surprisingly good, though unlike the common waffle but more like brownie. It was not what I expect from a waffle but it went well with the banana and ice cream anyway.

Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Waffle (IDR 27.000) - the most scrumptious among the other waffles, simply because it's light and soft with slightly crispy texture on the edges. Cream cheese makes it even better. It will be so much better with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, well to be ordered on my next visit.

Honestly, I was impressed about this place because they serve good food with very affordable price. It's true that most of cafe or restaurant in Malang set their lower than Surabaya and even Yogyakarta, but you get what you paid for, got it? I was surprised that found out all of their waffles taste different, I mean they did not use the same batter. Some were pretty light, the other was cakey, they take it seriously here. What's more? Delicious meal, genial service, with very affordable price, I'll be back!

Fresh Point Sandwich
Jalan Delima no 2
Malang - Jawa Timur

Opening Hours: 11 am - 10 pm

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