Kuliner Bogor: Sop Buah Pak Ewok

Went out without my camera, very unusual because I used to bring it everywhere. It felt like going back to the earlier days when I counted on my phone camera. OK so, my aunt told me about this place Sop Buah Pak Ewok around few months ago, we went but unfortunately it was closed. Please note that they're closed on Friday. The place was crowded, though it was after lunch hour. Mie Ayam Jamur Baso (IDR 17.000) - it's Javanese style chicken noodle served with meatballs. The chicken cooked with sweet soy sauce along with some mushrooms. They used thin noodles which is my less favorite, but the seasoning was tasty.

A must order here is definitely Sop Buah! The original version have various kind of fresh fruits in, topped with simple syrup and condense milk. Whenever I ordered ice dessert I always asked one without condense milk but after look down on the menu, "OK I go for Sop Buah Yogurt (IDR 14.000)"

In addition, my aunt ordered Kupat Tahu Tasik (IDR 15.000). The portion was very huge, the peanut sauce was tasty but I don't really like the rice cakes. Well, it's actually a nice place to hang out with friend, quite spacious, the ambiance also pretty good even though they only have outdoor seating without air conditioner, it's Bogor so it's OK.

the price is very affordable means the greater possibility for you to order more than one dish

Sop Buah Pak Ewok
Jalan Bukit Tunggul no.5 Taman Kencana

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