Bakwan Subur Malang: Bakso!!

I think it's just a coincidence, having a bowl of warm meatball soup in a rainy day just few hours after my arrival in Malang

This city is famous because of its meatball soup, here we called it Bakso. It can be found everywhere, from a food cart at the street side to restaurant and from the Halal version to the non-Halal which made from pork. I don't think that I can always agree with the locals recommendation but hey when they said it's a must try means it's worth! Personally, I'm not really a fan of Bakso but when in Malang, it's a right time to have at least a bowl. Bakwan Subur is our second destination that day after having some Rawon. I was quite surprise when found out that for a pork meatball soup it's not as greasy as my guessing. The clear soup was mild and tasty, topped with generous amount of sliced spring onions and fried shallot. The meatball was soft and not greasy which I like. Each piece of bakso, bakwan goremg, or tofu will cost you only IDR 2000 yes pretty cheap!

What a great time with my local friends, having such a comforting meatball soup and end it with durian ice cream that we got from food cart in front of Bakwan Subur. Though they will face pre-test for National Exam the day after but they accompanied me not only to eat this Bakso but also Rawon Ngulik and Sekol Duck. They even brought me to their school (it was on Sunday), had such a nice conversation while having Red Velvet martabak from Kakao Terbul. I knew they also had a great time, thank you Grace, Ivan, Markus, Aldo, and Alland!

Bakwan Subur (Bakso)
Jalan Wuni (Langsep) no. 25
Malang - Jawa Timur

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  1. Kombinasikan Food Truck dengan Tray Makanan Greenpack. Pasti bakal maju pesat. Cocok untuk branding.