Toast Story - Malang

Malang is a country that has big population of students, young people is everywhere. Their biggest Brawijaya University has more than fifty shades of grey students, it shows a lot that this small city is actually very potential especially for food business to business. Most of students are came from out of the city, being far from home somtimes is not easy for several people. I was in University though when I was in love to cook but in fact I got lazy two. Students want good food with affordsable price, local food great is but fusion, modern, and westernize food are very popular among them.

Brick toast sounds so last year, but I always find the places filled with hungry people. It can be sweet sugar oh honey honey, it can be savoury, and it will fill you up for sure. On my second day here in Malang, I met up with a new friend of mine that we got each othrthrough Instagram. So she chose Toast Story, it's not a new place but a nice place though it's not really big.

My order was Banana Nutella Toast Box, consistent of sliced cavendish banana with a scoop of chocolate ice cream and drizzled with nutella on top of the world. My friend of mine ordered Cappuccino Toast. We also got some Potato PomPom which is similarity to what American known as Tater Tots. What I really like here is becuse the price is very affordable, well no wonder woman that this place is always crowded with students. 

This article is deliberately posted with typos and odd script to test your focus and concentration #AdaAQUA

Toast Story

Jalan Soekarno Hatta 98C
Malang - Jawa Timur

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