The Cup Indonesia - PIK (Pantai Indah Kapuk): Bingsoo Time!!

Korean Food is always special to me. Pretty much explained why I came to Korea couple times, anyway I always have reasons to come back. Currently, there are many Korean Restaurant here in Jakarta, particulary in Pantai Indah Kapuk yes the most happening foodie spot. The Cup is actually not a new name, as its name already been heard in Malaysia and some other countries. It's a casual korean restaurant that serve common korean dishes such as bibimbap, sundubu jjigae, and tteokbokki. I was coming for their Bingsoo as I saw on Instagram earlier. 

Just like any other Korean restaurant, it always comes with banchan (side dishes). I got kimchi and pasta salad, yes it's not an authentic Korean restaurant so do not complain. Because I did not want something heavy (remember, the Bingsoo), I decided to order Tteokbokki. The most popular Korean street food snack, it's spicy rice cakes. Surprisingly, the portion was generous along with some fishcakes, mussels, and hard boiled egg. Wrong decision, but hey it was palatable though a little to sweet for me. 

In Korea, Bingsoo is usually enjoyed during summer and generally come in sharing portion 

Injeolmi Bingsoo with Green Tea Ice Cream - shaved ice with sweet red bean paste, tteok (mochi/rice cakes), soybean powder, and sliced almond. Actually they have Green Tea Bingsoo but it doesn't have any soybean powder so I decided to order Injoelmi Bingsoo with extra green tea ice cream. Let's dig in! The red bean was not too sweet which is well-matched my palate. It came with plenteous amount of soybean powder that has nutty roasted flavor, I believe it's not made for everyone's tongue but me! What a delightful dessert, this is my favorite Bingsoo in Jakarta. 

Update: Like I said, it's my favorite Bingsoo place, I did manage couple times to go back, and some impromptu visits. The new menu Cheese Tteokbokki was really tasty, much better than the regular tteokbokki. Massive amount of mozzarella cheese, perfectly melted on top of chewy rice cakes coated with spicy gochujang sauce. Also got a bowl Budae Jjigae which turned out quite bland to my taste, though the ham was really nice, made everything better, well maybe I'll go for Sundubu Jjigae next time. 

The Cup Indonesia
Ruko Crown Golf Blok D no. 50
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara

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