Sekol Duck Since 1986 Malang: Kuliner Bebek Goreng

When it comes to poultry, chicken is always be my first choice though I also eat Turkey and duck. On my trip to Malang, good friends of mine took me to a small stall to have some bebek goreng (fried duck) called Sekol Duck. It was my first bebek goreng during the trip. Unlike Balinese style bebek gorengthe skin was not crispy but chewy. I've tried not so many bebek goreng but I can tell that this was good! The meat was tender and well seasoned, though the size was very small but it was OK for me. Next time, I should order two or more.

it was quite impressive as I'm not really a fan of bebek goreng

One of the most important condiment in Indonesian food is sambal. Good place must serve good sambal, actually it depends on individual taste buds, some people like sweet sambal while the other prefer spicy and savoury sambal. For me it must be spicy, extra spicy is even better just like one I had here at Sekol Duck. Relatively, East Javanese food is well-suited my palate as it I'm not really into sweet. Oh I just can't wait to go back there!

Sekol Duck Since 1986
Jalan Letnan Jendral Sutoyo no. 37
Malang - Jawa Timur

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