Yogyakarta: Warung Bumi at Bumi Langit Imogiri

Have you read my previous post about a place in Yogyakarta called Bumi Langit? I've been to Yogyakarta many times, and this is my new favorite. It's quite far from the city, about an hour away but it doesn't make me supine. I got pretty enthusiastic when it comes to organic and vegan stuffs. I'm the happiest girl when I found this amazing place. Though they're also have fish on the menu, but the rest of the dishes are vegetarian friendly.

To cure the thirst you can have a big glass of Kombucha or maybe Honey Kefir? I'd like some water please.. In most places in Indonesia that we know if the water is good, we can use it for cooking or yes we can drink it but of course need to be cooked first. But here, it's save to drink the water that is taken right away from the well. They said the well depth is more than a hundred meter, until finally they found an underground river. No wonder the water tasted pretty light and refeshing, what's better? No waste on energy to cook the water. Go Green!

Nasi Campur Rumah is basically a rice dish with various sides that depends on what they cook everyday. I got steamed brown rice, with Balinese Urap, Water Spinach, Fried Tempeh, Tofu, and super delicious Sambal. The key every dishes are the ingredients. They always use fresh ingredients and you'll know once you taste it because it's different.

Toasted Bread with Mulberry Jam, they're not only making their own jam but also the bread. Another wow, the bread was made from sorghum which came from their own land and so the mulberry. It was an amazing experience to visit this remarkable place, by the time of writing this post I know that I want to come back there soon. The foods were pretty tasty, with all natural ingredients that most likely came from their garden, nothing can beat it! I really had a nice meal, 

but I can't really find words to describe it, because it's delicious but different

Warung Bumi Langit
Jalan Imogiri - Mangunan km 3
Desa Giriloyo, Wukirsari
Imogiri - Bantul

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