Bumi Langit Institut - Imogiri: My Favorite Destination in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is always be special to me and maybe also for some of you. The artsy people, culture, food, this slow city is comforting that makes me stayed at least a week on every visit. Of course this was not my first visit and definitely will come back soon. Friends asked me what did I do on my trip, though

I came to many places but the only thing on my mind was to tell them about this place, Bumi Langit

Honestly, I didn't know how to start. It took some time for me because I skipped writing about this place many times. Though I'm not a vegan but I enjoy vegan and plant based food a lot. When I travel abroad, it's a must for me to visit the local organic/vegetarian/vegan restaurant as here in Indonesia it's hard to find but in Bali. Talking about organic food, Bumi Langit produces some organic jams and bread that can be found at organic market in Yogyakarta such as Saturday organic market at Milas Vegetarian Resto, Prawirotaman.

The Farm
Here they have their own fish pond, they have cows that produce milk. They grow more than organic but Permaculture, have you ever heard about it? It's not only about fulfilling the human needs but also the other living organisms. It's the relationship between human and nature. In definite way, for example, here the water waste is treated so that when it goes back to the soil, it won't kill the micro organisms. The founder of Bumi Langit, Pak Iskandar loves to share everything about this place. This is not a commercial Institut, but if you really want to learn they are very welcome. 

My first intention coming here was to have lunch at Warung Bumi which you can read on my next post. But in the end, I was impressed not only because of the food but also the place itself that is worth to visit. Another reason for me to come back to Yogyakarta because I keep missing not only the food but the people here and this peaceful place.

Bumi Langit Institut
Jalan Imogiri - Mangunan km 3
Desa Giriloyo, Wukirsari
Imogiri - Bantul

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