Manadonese Food at Miens Resto - Alam Sutera

Here, in Indonesia we have many dishes from every region all over the country, colorful, and vibrant. Indonesian food always have a special space for me, though it means so many dishes from different region. Last week I had an experience to try some Manadonese food at Miens Resto. I was so excited because I've been a fan of Manadonese food since I was in school though I didn't have much of it but the common dishes such as woku and rica. Let me start with Papaya Tono, thinly sliced almost-ripe papaya in salty and sour sauce, almost similar to what Javanese known as Asinan. The other one is Gohu, that is sweeter than Papaya Tono.

Rica Rodo - spicy sauteed eggplant with long bean and corn. Massive spices and herbs created tasty dishes, the key in Manadonese food is you have to be generous for the seasoning and sauce, If Padang food has Terong Balado, Manado has Rica Rodo which I prefer. It has plenty of seasoning with fragrant aroma from kefir lime leaves, spiciness kick from the chili, I just can't stop but asking for more.

Sate Garo - unlike any other sate that usually comes in skewer, sate garo is server without being skewered with massive amount of sauce. Sweet and savory, slightly spicy, but the meat was not really tender which is closely like beef rendang.

Cumi Woku - woku is probably the most famous Manadonese food, it can be with chicken, fish, or just like what I had here, squid. This is a spicy dish with plenty of herbs and spices such as chili, tumeric, green onion, lemon basil, and more. The seasoning was not as strong as one that I had at another place but it was ok if you're a beginner, lol! But, seriously I hope that they will make the more powerful woku later.

Tinutuan also known as Bubur Manado is actually a rice porridge that has various veggies and pumpkin incorporate into the dish. Some people find that it looks a little disgusting but it's actually taste quite nice though the one I got here was the milder version.

Sup Brenebon is a meat soup with red bean and some other veggies, potato and carrot. Some people might agree that this is a comfort food, I can enjoy a bowl of this soup with only a portion of steamed rice. It's similar to Sop Snerek from Magelang that using beef ribs as its main ingredients. I prefer Brenebon as it has thicker soup and richer in flavor. This place has a nice Sup Brenebon so this is a must order.

Balapis is a layered cake, made from flour, sugar, and coconut milk. It has chewy texture, slightly sweet which I like. 

Panada is a bread snack filled with spicy cakalang fish. Derived from Portugese empanada, this deep fried bread has a very soft texture. This was my first Panada and it was lovely!

Pisang Goreng also known as banana fritters that usually serve as a snack in some region in Indonesia, but in Manado they eat it with sambal. Yes spicy condiment for sweet banana fritter, you may think it's weird but it's just how they enjoy pisang goreng.

Miens Manadonese Resto
Ruko Jalur Sutra Barat Kav 29D no 10
Alam Sutera - Tangerang

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