Brunch at Vin+ Kemang

If you asked me what's better than a brunch on day off? The answer will be a second brunch. As I'm not really into big breakfast, brunch or most of the time, lunch become more special to me. In my case, to eat something tasty, not to say I'm picky but something that suit my taste buds.

A widely known wine gallery in, Vin+ that is also a restaurant, just launched breakfast menu. Yes they open the door early start on 8 am. Here's some of their new menu:

Veal Sausage Sandwich (IDR 60.000) - soft and juicy grilled veal sausage on a bed of lettuce topped with mayo. Unlike most of hotdog-like sandwich that usually use soft bun, you will get baguette with mustard spread and pickles. 

Scramble Eggs with Smoked Salmon (IDR 70.000) - classic scrambled egg served with sauteed onion and mushroom, grilled tomato, smoked salmon, and watercress.

Vin+ Eggs Benedict (IDR 70.000) - two poached egg on bed of sauteed spinach and cherry tomatoes served with Hollandaise sauce. This is my favorite among all the dishes that I had that day. As a person that cook, I'm not easily impressed. What makes it special than any other egg dishes? It's the well-seasoned sauteed spinach and cherry tomatoes and of course the Hollandaise sauce. Egg Benedict is the a common dish at restaurants that have breakfast menu, but not every place have good Hollandaise sauce.

Steak and Eggs (IDR 100.000) - medium well steak and eggs served with baked baby potatoes and watercress. A very simple steak that seasoned with only salt and pepper accompanied with perfectly cooked sunny side up.

Will you agree me if a dessert will cheer up your day? You don't have any reason for having a dessert after brunch, just like what I did. Choco melt, ends my brunch nicely. So it comes to conclusion, for me I like the Vin+ Egg Benedict best than the other dishes though the Veal Sausage Sandwich is also tasty. Using baguette instead of hotdog bun is a great idea, leveled up the sandwich. 

Vin+ has a wide selection of wine, with variety country of origins, ages, and characters. Most of wine are imported, they only offer one local brand from Bali named Sababay. The price starts from two hundred thousands Rupiah to hundred millions Rupiah. 

Vin+ Wine and Beyond - Kemang
Jalan Kemang Raya no 45B
Jakarta Selatan
Ph: +62 21 71792577

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